Marvelizing Dry Cleaners | About Us
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About Us

Laredo Dry Cleaner

The Marvelizing Story

Marvelizing Dry Cleaners was founded in 1970 right here in Laredo by local resident, Javier Pena. Being a part of the Laredo community matters to our team, and for nearly 50 years, we’ve been proud to serve our local neighbors.


Our original shop was on Northgate, where our main location still stands. Over the years, we’ve grown to include additional locations, and currently offer another shop on McPherson Road to add convenience and accessibility to our clients.


During our five decades of serving Laredo, we’ve perfected the art of not only offering amazing customer service with our standard dry cleaning, but we’ve become one of the leaders in green and eco-friendly dry cleaning practices. We were the first dry cleaner in town to recycle our cleaning solvents rather than release them into the atmosphere. We also never use¬†perchloroethylene (PERC) based solvents because of their cancer-causing properties.


Finally, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality cleaning services in Laredo. We want to be the best in town, and won’t settle for anything less than perfection. We’re so focused on taking care of your clothes that we go to extra lengths to ensure your clothes are taken care of while in our possession. For example, we have separate machines for heavily soiled and delicate clothes. It’s just one way that we here at Marvelizing Dry Cleaning are trying to ensure you receive the best cleaning service possible.

Let the experts at Marvelizing Dry Cleaning handle your most important items!

Marvelizing Dry Cleaning Cares

What Sets Us Apart

Laredo Dry Cleaner

Customer Service

At Marvelizing Dry Cleaning, the most important thing is making our customers happy. We believe in providing great service and taking care of our customers at every opportunity. We’re reliable, courteous and ready to take care of your most important clothes.

Green Dry Cleaner Laredo


We are about the environment. We never use carcinogenic solvents in our cleaning process. In fact, we’re one of the few cleaners in the area who recycle our solvents and are completely green and eco-friendly. If you’re concerned about your cleaner’s environmental impact, choose Marvelizing!

Clothes Alterations Laredo


We’re more than just a dry cleaner. We can clean nearly any material or item. Blankets, quilts and comforters? Check. Drapes, couch cushions and rugs? You bet. We even offer wedding dress cleaning and preservation, shoe and boot repair, alterations and much more. If you need it cleaned, see our team.

Shirt Cleaners Laredo

Delicate Care

Most cleaners have just one machine that they throw all of their clothes into. No Marvelizing. We use separate machines for heavily soiled fabrics and delicates. That way, your delicate dress or white dress shirts aren’t in the same machine as the mechanic’s work shirt that’s covered in oil and grease.